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Thursday, May 24, 2012   0 comments


Genre: Death Metal


Country: Iceland

Year of creation: 2009

Lyrical themes:  Destructive behabior, degeneration, human mistery.
Current label : Unsigned
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Edda Tegeder Óskarsdóttir - Vocals/Guitar

Gyða Hrund Þorvaldsdóttir - Guitar

Haraldur Ingi Shoshan - Bass

Tumi Snær Gíslason - Drums


 “This is Angist. It’s dark, thrashy, black metal and it’s bloody brilliant. You will struggle not to headbang to their music” www.thrashhits.com

From Reykjavík, Iceland hails the deathmetal quartet Angist, formed in 2009 by Edda and Gyða with Halli, Edda’s brother later joining in as bassplayer and with few changes in drummers.
Angist released their two song demo in summer 2010 and a year later they had accomplished to play many high profile shows such as Iceland Airwaves, opening act for Heaven Shall Burn and L’esprit du Clan and get 2nd place in the Wacken Metal Battle (Icelandic log). Many interviews and reviews in magazines, newspapers, webzines and radio followed and the year 2011 ended with the release of Angist’s EP, Circle of Suffering, and a tour around France as an opening act for L’esprit du Clan.
In the year 2012 Angist will for example record their first full-length album, will head out for another tour in France and many other exciting things!

"Petrifyingly powerful, their relentless, atmosphere-steeped and blackened thrust should take its rightful place amongst DM’s kvlt elite". –Metal Hammer

"Arguably, talk of the scene is Angist, who stick out not only due to the savage female vocals but the fact they might be serving up the most evil sounding death metal going right now. It’s plenty cold too, giving them a special edge that will certainly make people stick around and anticipate future endeavors". -Reykjavik Grapevine

Angist Demo 2010
Circle of Suffering EP 2011

Wednesday, May 23, 2012   0 comments

                             SENSE OF CREATION

Genre: Symphonic Metal /Gothic metal


Country:  England

Year of creation: 2009

Lyrical themes:  Life experiences
Current label : None
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Elisa Tomaselli - Singer/Songwriter/Classical Guitar/Design

Lukasz Lowkis - Keyboards, Composer; Programming

Michal Milinski - Bass

David Illés
- Guitar

Adam Sowinski - Drums


Sense of Creation is a Gothic Symphonic Metal band from London, founded by Lukasz Lowkis in 2009.
Composer and multi-instrumentalist Lowkis began his professional music training at the age of seven, first mastering piano, and then clarinet, guitar, bass and drums. After his studies at the National Music School in Biesko Biala (Poland), he decided to move to the UK in order to create his own project.
With his proficiency across multiple instruments, he was able to compose complete tracks to underpin vocal lines created by singer/songwriter Elisa Tomaselli.
An Italian soprano, her voice is able to bring the atmosphere of both classical and rock music to the band's tracks. Intense lyrics inspired by her life experiences evoke feelings that are at once universal and deeply personal.
Sense of Creation's music draws from and reflects a multitude of inspirations - music, cinema, the theatre and many more.
Michal Milinski joined on bass in 2010, bringing with him a great passion for the music he plays. More recently, David Illés on guitar and Adam Sowinski on drums have joined, completing the line-up of a formidable and unforgettable live band.

Tuesday, May 15, 2012  

                            WHISPERING WOODS

Genre: Symphonic Metal /Gothic metal


Country:  Romania

Year of creation: 2008 

Lyrical themes:  Fantasy, Fables, Imaginary journeys

Current label : Indie
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Band Members :

Alexandra Burcă - vocals

Cătălina Popa - flute

Cora Miron - keyboards

Alex Dascăl - drums

Radu Vâtcă - bass guitar

Doru Căilean - lead guitar



Corina Hamat - vocals


Sound Engineer:

Ciprian Cărbunaru


The idea of Whispering Woods came to life during 2008, when Doru Căilean (guitar) and former bass player Norbert Gero decided to start a musical project which would have as a main character the symphonic genre. Even though it was a common genre at the time and many bands had both commercial and stage success, the idea was kept alive by the thought of making a kind of musical spectacle, on a conceptual idea. Thus, the songs which developed in time to form the debut album, Fairy Woods, are sustained by a concept story in which the listener is the main character who takes part in an imaginary journey through a mystical place where everything is possible.

The band went through many lineup changes, but from the start the idea of a musical concept was the main element which drove the things forward. Fortunately, the summer 2010 brought the long desired stability within the band when Cătălina Popa (flute) agreed to join the group. Even though the flute wasn't part of the initial plans, it turned out to be a great addition and a big plus from the musical point of view. Cora (keyboards) and Alexandra (soprano) made contact through Cătălina and so the band was in a complete formation. The same year brought the 3rd demo attempt (the previous ones were made with the old lineups) which included 4 songs. Finally, in the end of June 2011, almost a year after the lineup was defined, the band started the recording process of its full length debut album.

The raw material was created in studios from Cluj-Napoca and it was mixed and mastered by Frank Renner.

Fairy Woods, their debut album, was released on September the 30th 2011.


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Genre: Melodic death metal / Thrash metal

City: Halmstad

Country: Sweden 

Year of creation: 1995
Lyrical themes:   Anti-religion, Rebellion, Society
 Current label   :Century Media Records
 LINKS :   Reverbnation     Twitter   Myspace     Website       Facebook

Angela Gossow - Vocals                                                    

Michael Amott - Guitar

Christopher Amott - Guitar

Sharlee D'Angelo - Bass

Daniel Erlandsson - Drums


“I think we took a ‘more is more’ approach to this record.”

So says ARCH ENEMY guitarist Michael Amott when referring the band’s new platter of mayhem, Khaos Legions. Not that they’ve ever tackled any aspects of their career with a half-baked attitude, but the approach was particularly important after four years of creative silence.

The band has been far from quiet since the 2007 release of Rise... Of The Tyrant, of course. During the extensive tour cycle for the album, ARCH ENEMY saw fit to preserve their trademark sonic violence on the live 2008 record, Tyrants Of The Rising Sun, returning to the studio a year later to re-record some of their early work and live fan favourites for The Root Of All Evil. Amott will be the first to tell you, however, that he and his bandmates have been waiting a long time to create something brand new from the ground up.

“Root Of All Evil was cool to do,” Amott insists, “but it wasn’t really creative at all. None of that material was new to us. We were itching to get into the studio and record all the things we’ve been talking about backstage for the last few years. We knew we had to come back with something really good because it’s been four years since the Rise Of The Tyrant album. We’ve kept the fans waiting long enough.”

Khaos Legions was well worth the wait. A solid 14 tracks – 11 songs and three instrumental passages – it’s an album that immediately recalls Anthems Of Rebellion (2003) and Doomsday Machine (2005), considered up to this point to be ARCH ENEMY’s two strongest outings to date. Loaded with the Amott brothers’ trademark guitar shred, spearheaded by vocalist Angela Gossow’s instantly recognizable hell-hath-no-fury delivery, all backed by the Sharlee D’Angelo / Daniel Erlandsson bass / drum high energy stomp, Khaos Legions features the band’s trademark extreme metal execution coupled with some eyebrow-raising surprises along the way.

Eight studio albums and 15 years into their career, Khaos Legions is ARCH ENEMY’s iron “You are here!” stamp that hits like a ton of bricks.

“This album is kind of nuts,” says Amott. “It’s a very exciting record for me because it encapsulates everything that Arch Enemy is about. It was written over a four year period, so I think that’s why it’s got a lot of depth and girth to it”

Simply put, no diehard ARCH ENEMY fan should go away dissatisfied. The tracks ‘Yesterday Is Dead And Gone’, ‘Under Black Flags We March’, ‘Thorns In My Flesh’ and ‘City Of The Dead’ are examples of the five piece wrecking crew people have come to expect. On the other side of the coin, ‘Bloodstained Cross’ features Michael and Chris Amott exploring new shred-head territory, while ‘Cruelty Without Beauty’, ‘Cult Of Chaos’ and the scathing ‘Vengeance Is Mine’ feature some of the most aggressive work from the band to date.

In addition, ‘Through The Eyes Of A Raven’ is easily the band’s most adventurous song in years; progressive and dark, what Amott feels “has a Scandinavian feel to it, with a melancholic Nordic thing going on in the chorus.” Certainly a different side of the band, yet they retain every ounce of trademark aggression.

The biggest surprise of all, however, is the bordering-on-death-rock ‘No Gods, No Masters’, a definite echo of ARCH ENEMY’s anthem ‘We Will Rise’ that is guaranteed to raise the ire of some fans even as it is embraced by others.

Gossow sums Khaos Legions up in one sentence, unapologetic as always: “We went all over the place with this album. Take it or leave it.”

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