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Genre: Gothic Rock / Metal

City: Venice

Country: Italy

Year of creation: 2007

Lyrical themes: Melancholy, Inner Struggles

Current label : Revalve Records

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Xenya Nyx: Vocals

Niklas 'Suspiria' Goottilainen: Piano, Keyboards and Orchestral Arrangements.

Gezwind P. Vingerstaal: Guitars and Bass

Paul Ongars: Drums

The first thing that springs to mind is, “Lachaise...how the hell do you pronounce that?”. At least it’s not yet another English word, recalling as it does the famous Parisian Père Lachaise cemetery.
Established in 2007 following the combination of various projects, the band published its first album “Silent cries for help” in June 2008, produced by the record label MP&Records. That same year, the
band was selected to open the Italian tour of Christian Death, a legendary US gothic rock band.
Despite various line-up changes, keyboard player and leading composer Niklas “Suspiria” Goottilainen has always stayed on. For him, “you can overlap any type of sound , perform any type of virtuoso feat, but melody must reign supreme, with no half-measures”.
One of the characteristics of the band’s live performances is the absence of a bass guitar. When asked “how come?”, the guitarist Gezwind P. Vingerstaal answers: “We’ve never felt the bass guitar to be essential to our genre. We use 7- and 8-strings guitars and 88 keys keyboards, and we just don’t feel it’s necessary for now”.
In its current and by now well established line-up, Lachaise is about to publish its second album “A state of Oblivion” with the Revalve Records label, established by former member and founder of the Theatres Des Vampires, Rob Cufaro. The album is to be released in September 2012. Ranging from rock to metal, gothic to dark, when asked the classical question “How would you define your genre?”, this is how they reply: “We just make music…you decide!”

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Genre: Symphonic/Gothic Metal

City: Fremantle


Year of creation: 2011

Lyrical themes: Various 

Current label : Unsigned / Independent

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various musicians have been involved in this project for either live shows or recording:

Darkyra Black- vocals
Dave Lyon - Guitar
Mario Schmack - bass
Dion Italiano - Drums
Kim Siragusa - Keyboard
backup vocals & violin - Chrissie Mavrofridis
Garry King-Drums
Betovani - Guitar
Fab Jablonski - Keyboards

Additional musicians:
George Boussounis - Keyboard/samples/arrangment
Michael Porfyris -Cello
Ilias Sdoukos -Viola
Laertis Kokolanis - Violin


The Story - Darkyra Black - Something special, something you have never heard before!
"Upon first listen you may liken it to industry greats such as Within Temptation or even Tarja (ex-Nightwish) but in doing so you wouldn’t even come close. Very few women in the industry are able to weave music in such as way as Darkyra and make music her own muse."
- EvilG, Metal Rules (Sep 15, 2013)
Scene 1 – Dragon Tears
It was through the company ‘Online Recording Masters’ based in Athens Greece that vocalist and songwriter, Darkyra found new counterparts for what was to become her very first self-titled record ‘Dragon Tears’.
Owner/musical arranger George Boussounis formed an introduction with drummer/producer Garry King (Jeff Beck, Joe Lynn Turner, Achillea) and ideas and the Darkyra concept started to evolve between the three.
After the bond had been set three additional close friends where bought in to join the ranks of the Darkyra Black team for the 2013 recordings, guitarist’s Paul Jupe, Betovani Dinelli, and keyboard player Fab Jablonski. The first Darkyra Black track prior to the full album release came out on an official video for the single ‘Tears by Candlelight’ in 2013 generating much interest in the full record. "Dragon Tears" a concept album based on a Gothic interpretation of a geisha like tale that ends in tragedy, love, loss, lust, betrayal and revenge, was released in February 2014, and built instant critical acclaim internationally as a fine blend of symphonic/gothic metal with powerful vocal performances and progressive/classic rock elements of traditional pentatonic music with an overall ‘Cinematic’ sound and feel.
“All eleven numbers here are different but are very fluent and offer up musical highlights galore, too numerous to mention, ensure you keep the CD in the player to the VERY end. To summarize, Darkyra is Dark, Passionate and Edgy and demonstrating fine vocal prowess”
Ravenheartmusic Review (6th February 2014)
Scene 2 – Of Fools and Gold
Now with the first record under her belt and amazing reviews it was time to set the scene and start the next stage of creating songs and music for a second follow up album and plan ahead for live shows and touring.
In January 2014 even before Dragon Tears was officially released Darkyra had already started work on 15 new track ideas ready for an April studio sessions deadline in the historic city of Athens. With George and Garry being based in Europe plans where laid for the three with guitarist Betovani and Keyboard player Fab Jablonski to start work recording drums, guitars, guide keys and main vocal parts for what should be the most amazing and powerful follow up record in the Darkyra story.
Again with a very strong story line, searing string sections and memorable melodies, vocal performances and songs the yet to be titled record will surely prove that Darkyra Black has set a standard very hard to beat and certainly hard to ignore both lyrically and musically.
Scene 3 – Yet to be written .......

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Genre: Melodic Hard Rock / Metal

City: London

Country: England

Year of creation: 2008

Lyrical themes: Various 

Current label : Unsigned / Independent

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Elina - Vocals

Shadow - Guitars

Alasdair - Bass

Ben - Drums


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Genre:  Symphonic Metal

City: Venice

Country: Italy

Year of creation: 2007

Lyrical themes: Various

Current label : Unsigned / Independent

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Priscilla Fiazza - Vocals

Fabio Compagno - Guitars

Nicola Falsone - Bass

Michele Munari - Keyboards

Francesco Gozzo - Drums


Teodasia is a group from the Venice area, Italy.
Teodasia has been playing symphonic rock/metal since 2006, its foundation year at the hands of the band composer and drummer Francesco Gozzo. The band's first demo "Crossing the Light" dates to 2009 and has brought to the band a producer from Padua , Andrea Bezzon, who has guided the production of Teodasia's first full album, 'Upwards', to be released on the 30th of March 2012.. The album builds on the sonority of the demo, enriching its passionate and evocative melodies (ballad tracks), and toughening up its heavy sonority (metal tracks).

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Genre:  Melodic / Progressive Metal

Järfälla, Stockholms län

Country: Sweden

Year of creation: 2005

Lyrical themes: Various

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Therese Thomsson -Vocals

Niklas Dahlin - Lead guitar, backing vocals, programming

Johan Hartman - Guitars

Tomas Stolt - Bass, Backing vocals

Johan Persson - Drums


Disdained is one of the hottest fresh bands in the female fronted melodic metal genre. Since the start-up in 2005 the band has evolved and the music has made tremendous leaps forward.

 Well laid sceneries together with fire eater performances by the female singer contribute to a solid live act which has proven to be a success at the Nordic music festivals. In 2008 Disdained opened up for Mustasch (
Swedish Grammy winner) at Vadstuck festivat. During 2010 the band performed at Sweden rock festival,receiving great credit and recognition from the audience, stood proud as the Stockholm winner, as well as awarded for "best guitarists" at the Stockholm/Sweden/Nordic final in the world's biggest music competition, Emergenza! Disdained is currently in the process of making their debutalbum "Kill my only enemy" which will hit the markets worldwide during 2011.

 My Space with over 140.000 visitors since 2008 and receiving attention from record labels and music magazines has meant a lot to boost gigs, development and confidence. Niklas and Tomas have previously released four studio albums with the power metal band Insania (Stockholm), a band that among other things played at Sweden Rock festival, been a supporting act to Saxon and during 2007 went on an extensive tour in Europe with the Finnish band Ensiferum.

Therése has previously been an theatre actress and has great experiences with several well known Swedish musicians. Johan has played drums in various constellations mainly in south-eastern parts of Sweden with members from Satanic Surfers and others. Guitar player Johan Hartman has prior to Disdained mainly been on the non-mainstream scene focusing on progressive self-indulgence.

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Genre:  Rock / Metal

City: Brisbane

Country: Australia

Year of creation: ??

Lyrical themes: Various
Current label : Unsigned/independent

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Amber Craig-Rose (vocals)

The TaNK "Andrew Stennett" (guitar)

George Philips aka, Jason Bazzman (bass)

Paulie Clayton (the guy with the band).


Ladies and Gentlemen, introducing your new

favorite band; SuBDuFuZe! A Pop/Rock/Metal

Band that will blow your socks off.

If you like metal,rock or you like music that's a

little more mainstream we are the band for

you bringing you a fusion which all will enjoy.

So prepare yourself, check us out and buy
extra socks.

Featuring the awesomeness that is Amber

Craig-Rose (vocals), the TaNK "Andrew

Stennett" (guitar), George Philips aka, Jason Bazzman

(bass) and Paulie Clayton (the guy with the band).

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