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Wednesday, June 25, 2014   0 comments

                         DEMENCIA MORTALIS 


Genre: Symphonic / Gothic / Doom Metal

Roudnice n.L.

Country: Czech Republic

Year of creation: 2006

Lyrical themesAnti-Religion, Anti-Christianity, Despair

Current label :Unsigned / Independent

LINKS :    Facebook    Website

Monika - Vocals

Zelior - guitars

Comatt - guitars

Jimmy - bass

Jaymz - drums

Ari - keys

Head - growl


Demencia Mortalis is a metal band from Roudnice nad Labem, Czech Republic. The style combines female fronter operatic metal and doomy atmopheric feeling.

 Since the inception in 2006, the band has released a self-produced album "No God Is Here" (2008) and "The Forgotten EP" in 2009. 

Third studio release titled "The End Is Nigh" was released in February 2014 and is available at bandcamp, i Tunes, Spotify and other music services.

Thursday, March 6, 2014   0 comments




Genre: Melodic / Dark Metal

Sulz am Neckar, Baden-Württemberg

Country: Germany

Year of creation: 2003

Lyrical themes N/A

Current label :Unsigned / Independent

LINKS :    Facebook    Website

Julia Mann - Vocals

Dennis Buffing - Guitars, Vocals

Anselm Wolf - Keyboards

Andreas Herzfeld - Bass

Tobias Brezler - Drums


Deathtiny- ein Wortspiel aus "destiny" (Schicksal) und "death" (Tod)- wurden schon im Jahre 2003 von Gitarrist Dennis Buffing ins Leben gerufen. Doch erst 2009, nach diversen Besetzungswechseln, fand die Band mit dem Einstieg von Sängerin Julia Mann ihre Konstanz. Mit ihrer ausdrucksstarken Stimme prägt sie den genreübergreifend als Melodic Dark Metal bezeichneten Stil.
Deathtiny steht für stark riff-orientierte Songs mit tragenden Melodien, rockigem bis klassischem Gesang, gepaart mit aggressiven Shouts. Neben den dynamischen Songs und tiefgründigen Texten besticht die Band mit ihrer energiegeladenen Live-Show.
Mit ihrem bald erscheinenden Longplayer "In Creeps Clothing" stehen für die Band die Zeichen nun auf Sturm.

Deathtiny, a play on words originating from the words destiny and death, was breathed to life by guitarist Dennis Buffing in 2003. After many formation changes Deathtiny found its final formation, with the singer Julia Mann, in 2009. With her expressive voice she put them in the Melodic Dark Metal genre.

Deathtiny stands for strong riff-oriented songs with a carrying melody, rock and classic singing paired with aggressive shouts. The band stands out with their dynamic songs and deep lyrics, pinnacling with their high energy live shows.

With their upcoming LP “In Creeps Clothing” the band is ready to blow you off!

Monday, March 3, 2014   0 comments



Genre: Rock

City: Kastoria

Country: Greece

Year of creation: 2012

Lyrical themes N/A

Current label : N/A

LINKS :    Facebook    Website

Amdromachi -Vocals

Vassilis D - Guitars 


After years of playing the guitar as a hobby, in 2008, Vassilis (Dimitriadis) formed the hard rock/metal band Clonocide which was active until 2012. They used to perform covers of rock and classic metal songs, but they played their own songs too.
Vassilis wrote two songs with"Dreams" (see video) one of them.
Between 2009 and 2012, Vassilis was also performing with the band of the "Blue Note" bar (the top music scene in his hometown Kastoria), who played many different kinds of music: from pop to jazz and from blues to hard rock.
In the summer of 2012, Vassilis left Clonocide and Blue Note band and joined Rockavlaia as lead guitarist and

together they played many gigs with Greek and English rock songs.
During this time, he met singer Andromachi (Demirtzidou), who used to sing in bars and clubs with great success, and asked her to join Rockavlaia.
Since then, they combine playing gigs with Rockavlaia as well as just the two of them under the name Hammrock.

Up to now they supported the following bands:
Planet of Zeus (Greek band)
Outloud (Bob Katsioni's of Firewind)
Everflow (Greek band)
Holocaust (Skotish band)
Wardrum (Kostas Vreto's band who played with Uli Roth) Dytikes Synoikies (Greek band)
George Gakis (Greek musician who played with Scorpions and Deep Purple)
Prassein Aloga (Greek band who played with Paul Di Anno and Uli Roth)

Wednesday, February 26, 2014   0 comments

                           TEARS OF MARTYR

Genre: Symphonic  Metal

City: Canary islands / Madrid

Country: Spain

Year of creation: 1996

Lyrical themesHoly war, sadness

Current label :Massacre Records

LINKS :    Facebook    Website

Berenice Musa - Soprano

Miguel Angel Marqués - Guitars & Vocals

Adrián Miranda - Bass

Doramas Párraga - Drums


TEARS OF MARTYR started back in the late nineties in the Canary Islands (Spain). At that time the band had clearly a doom death flavor but they already showed the key elements that can be easily identified nowadays, like the distinctive use of lead voices and classical orchestration arrangements to create their songs.

Despite of being in a very restricted scene the band kept growing and earned respect from the national media and his local fan base. They recorded a couple of demos and appeared in several compilations and they had the chance to open for international bands like Dark Tranquillity, To Die-For or Swallow the Sun.

In 2007 they moved to Madrid (Spain) and finally in 2009 they recorded their studio debut "Entrance" which was released under the german independent label STF in 2010, with positive feedback from the international media. Being in Madrid they have also opened for EPICA, Draconian and Dark Moor.

In august 2012 TEARS OF MARTYR entered New Sin Studios (Luigi Stefanini, Italy) where they have recorded their second full-length album "Tales" produced by Enrik García (Dark Moor).

With this new studio work they have polished their style, resulting in a well balanced and fresh mix for the listener, who will be immersed in a journey where the emotions play one more time the main role.

“Tales” will be released with Massacre Records on April 26, 2013.

Monday, February 24, 2014   0 comments

                                DUST IDOLS


Genre: Rock / Stoner  Metal


Country: Spain

Year of creation: 2010

Lyrical themes : N/A
Current label : Self Release

LINKS :    Facebook    Web

Paloma Rosas - VOCALS

Eugenio Hernanz - DRUMS

Alejandro Suárez - GUITARS

Quichu -  GUITARS

Jonatan García - BAJO


Dust Idols nace en septiembre de 2010. Sus miembros son Paloma y Uge (ex cantante y ex batería de RH), Alex (ex guitarrista de Enemy Of Myself), Jonatan (ex bajista de The Outsiders) y Quichu (guitarrista de Benson Señora).

En junio de 2012, tras mucho tiempo componiendo y puliendo su sonido entran a grabar su primer disco "Eternal Variance" en Bullet Proof Estudios, con Carlos "Charlee" Sánchez como productor. 

El album acaba de mezclarse en noviembre de ese mismo año y en diciembre es masterizado por Rubén Villanueva en Royal Sound Estudios.

En noviembre de 2012 el grupo graba su primer videoclip. El tema elegido es "Give It To Me" y lo dirige Mauri D. Galiano.

"Eternal Variance" fue presentado el 19 de enero de 2013 en Rock Palace (Madrid).

Actualmente Dust Idols tiene abierta su contratación y se encuentra de gira presentando su disco.

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