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Genre: Symphonic / Power Metal

City:  Minsk

Country: Belarus

Year of creation: 2012

Lyrical themes  N/A

Current label :   Unsigned / Independent

LINKS :    Facebook    Website


Helena Wild - Vocals

Alexandr Korobov - Guitars

Anton Michailovskiy - Guitars

Vasya Sinspirit - Bass

Rostislav - Golubnichy - Drums


Hello metal fans ! We are KLIODNA, 
a 5 member symphonic metal band from Minsk, Belarus ! We have been together with this present line-up for a few years now and, thanks to you, things are looking very bright for the future !

We take pride in writing and playing songs that will bring out quite the array of emotions in you !

Our unique style is created by Helena, who has a magical soprano voice, our dual guitarists Alexandr Korobov and Anton Michailovskiy who provide an incredibly powerful guitar sound and our extremely tight rythms provided by bassist Vasya Sinspirit and drummer Rostislav Globnichy !

We have released our first full-length studio album called The Dark Side .... of the stories which include 10 tracks !

Please join us on our metal journey and feel free to leave us comments or questions !

Thank you all very much for your support !

the members of KLIODNA !

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                               FIVE WAYS TO NOWHERE

Genre: Alternative / Hard Rock  

City:  Torino

Country: Italy

Year of creation: 2015

Lyrical themes  N/A

Current label :   Unsigned / Independent

LINKS :    Facebook    Website


Charlotte S - Vocals

Dario Orlando - Lead Guitar

Matteo "TEO" Lassandro - Rhythm Guitar

Silvia "SIXBASS" Casetta - Bass

Fabio Brunetti - Drums


Five Ways To Nowhere is a powerful blend of loud guitars, aggressive and groovy riffs, a scratchy voice with catchy melodies all driven by a neurotic rhythm section.

The first spark that brought the band to life was when Dario Orlando and Charlotte S first met. Their musical journey began with other musicians, other sounds, other names, creating an alchemy that later became the core of Five Ways To Nowhere.
Soon other members joined in to complete the line-up: Matteo "TEO" Lassandro with his face-melting rhythm guitars, bassist Silvia "SIXBASS" Casetta with her refined yet brazen style and the versatile drummer Fabio Brunetti.

That’s how this new rock band was born.
Their music is a mix of Hard Rock and Alternative that creates an explosive and melodic sound in the wake of bands like Halestorm, Shinedown, Papa Roach and others.

That’s Five Ways To Nowhere. 100% Rock.

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