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Thursday, January 17, 2013  


Genre: Melodic Black/ Death Metal

City: Luqa

Country: Malta

Year of creation: 1999

Lyrical themes:  Acient magic, Mytology, Satanic Philosophy

Current label : American Line Productions / Witchcraft Records

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Obscure - Vocals 

Count Mortem - Guitars  

Sherath - Guitars  

Úmarth - Synths & Programming 

 Martyrium was formed by Count Mortem in 1999 who conveyed his ideas into a mix of black/death metal riffs. Alongside Úmarth who contributed a deluge of sinister orchestrations focused on bringing the much desired dark atmospheric tone.
With Sherat's shredding and Obscure's diabolical growls Martyrium breeds a particular sound that makes the crowd conceive disquieting notions. Portraying the image of the traditional black metal Subculture, they appear on stage behind corpsepaint as a female fronted band infusing an ominous mood.
In the year 2000 Martyrium bestowed an arsenal of authentic tracks at a local venue, introducing the black metal genre to the Maltese metal scene, summoning a captivating response for it's controversiality. The pursuing year the first album was recorded in Temple Studios, entitled 'Withering In Voluptuous Embrace'. The release consisted of highly dense and multilayered symphonic black metal, moving from morbid ambiences to vitriolic, violent elements.
Aspired to get recognition abroad, the band approached foreign promoters presenting their material witch attracted the South American label 'American Line Productions'. Within a concise time extent, they developed and sold a sufficient number of Martyrium CDs amongst their batch of followers. Thus American Line Productions decided to open a new label 'Witchcraft records' pioneered by Martyrium, that concentrated more on black metal bands. Manifesting their presence to magazines such as 'Displeased' , 'Nuclear Blast' and others.
Amid the year 2004, a French promoter set up the bands first tour, ranging from 'Negasonic Music Club' in Belgium, Luxemburg and ending their odyssey in Northern France, sharing the stage with Morrigu, Earaction and other supporting bands. The positive feedback from the throng of fiends concluded the first tour a success.
The exceeding gigs included the Greek legends 'Rotting Christ' as well as the brutal German death metal band 'Purgatory'.
By summer's end of the year 2005 Martyrium experienced another tour in central Europe, welcomed with even more enthusiasm than the previous year, they celebrated the second assault entitled 'Carnage Lit By Darkness'. This time approaching a more redolent, belligerent barrage of sound. The Martyrium legion commenced from Germany, re-infesting France, followed by Italy and ending the carnage in 'Club Dynamo' in Switzerland alongside 'Eluveitie' , 'Black Messiah' , 'Daargesin' , 'Cruachan' and 'Ivenberg'.
2006 endured the unleash of Martyrium's third opus ' Awakening The Ancient' which continued to emblaze their trail of desecrated conventions into the orifice of society. The track 'Temple Of The Unknown Knowledge' was featured on the Valletta 2018 video, commissioned by the Valletta 2018 Foundation, representing the Maltese metal scene in the European Capital of Culture(ECoC).


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