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Monday, January 23, 2017  


Genre: Symphonic Rock / Folk / Celtic

City: London

Country: England

Year of creation: 2010

Lyrical themes: N/A

Current label :  Serpentyne Music

LINKS :    Facebook    Website


Maggiebeth Sand (founder member)
(Lead voice + keyboards)

Mark Powell (founder member)
(Hurdy-gurdy + guitar)

Mathew Damian - electric guitar

Mark Jenkins - keyboards

Nigel Middletone - bass & backing voice

John Haitheway - drums & backing voice


Serpentyne was created in London in 2010 by founder members
Maggie-Beth Sand and Mark Powell, inspired by a combination of early music, folk, Celtic, world and rock.

They recorded their first album, "Stella Splendens" that year, basing it on traditional mediaeval texts and tunes from England, Spain and France, arranged in their own style and blending instruments such as cittole, hurdy-gurdy, harmonium, portative organ, medieval drums, crumhorns, recorders, and Maggie's voice.

Serpentyne released their second album, "Myths & Muses" which is based on mediaeval, traditional and mythic themes, this album has a stronger rock element.

A third album "The Serpent' Kiss" is now following the same mythic & medieval themes as it's previous one, but heading into a heavier rock sound.

You can buy all albums from Amazon.co.uk or iTunes

You can email us here:
serpentynemusic@ (antispam) gmail.com, or write to: Serpentyne, Box 777, London, WC1N 3XX, U.K.

For detailed information of Serpentyne's 2016 concerts, please visit:

To join Serpentyne's Facebook page please "Like" this link:

For videos:
www. youtube.com/serpentynemusic

Thanks for reading our biography, we hope to see you at one of our concerts.


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