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Monday, March 3, 2014  



Genre: Rock

City: Kastoria

Country: Greece

Year of creation: 2012

Lyrical themes N/A

Current label : N/A

LINKS :    Facebook    Website

Amdromachi -Vocals

Vassilis D - Guitars 


After years of playing the guitar as a hobby, in 2008, Vassilis (Dimitriadis) formed the hard rock/metal band Clonocide which was active until 2012. They used to perform covers of rock and classic metal songs, but they played their own songs too.
Vassilis wrote two songs with"Dreams" (see video) one of them.
Between 2009 and 2012, Vassilis was also performing with the band of the "Blue Note" bar (the top music scene in his hometown Kastoria), who played many different kinds of music: from pop to jazz and from blues to hard rock.
In the summer of 2012, Vassilis left Clonocide and Blue Note band and joined Rockavlaia as lead guitarist and

together they played many gigs with Greek and English rock songs.
During this time, he met singer Andromachi (Demirtzidou), who used to sing in bars and clubs with great success, and asked her to join Rockavlaia.
Since then, they combine playing gigs with Rockavlaia as well as just the two of them under the name Hammrock.

Up to now they supported the following bands:
Planet of Zeus (Greek band)
Outloud (Bob Katsioni's of Firewind)
Everflow (Greek band)
Holocaust (Skotish band)
Wardrum (Kostas Vreto's band who played with Uli Roth) Dytikes Synoikies (Greek band)
George Gakis (Greek musician who played with Scorpions and Deep Purple)
Prassein Aloga (Greek band who played with Paul Di Anno and Uli Roth)


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