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Genre:  Gothic/Black/Doom Metal (early), 
             Neoclassical/Gothic Rock (later)

City: Turin

Country: Italy

Year of creation: 1995

Lyrical themes:
Romance, Magic, Sadness, Death

Current label :
DreamCell 11 Entertainment

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 Rossana L - vocals & double-bass.

 Bradac - piano . synths & orchestration.

Daniel P
8 strings e.guitar/classical guitar

Valerio M - violin


Dismal - The Waltz Of Mind is an italian gothic/alternative band. 

The first official band's release has been issued in November 1998 on Pagan Records&Audioglobe dist., it has been called “Fiaba Lacrimevole - like a red bleeding rose in a glacial desert”. The debut album gets an immediate success and soon it became a top selling album. In September 2002 Dismal found a musical agreement with Aural Music Group, another record deal has been signed and together they established Dreamcell11, a division of Aural Music in order to follow and to promote the band artistically and commercially. >Within the end of 2002 the band entered the Gulp! Studios by Marco Calliari, sound engineer of the Italian pop band Subsonica in order to record their second cd called “Rubino Liquido - Three Scarlet Drops…” using a 12-elements orchestra.

Claustrophobic and essential drum parts, waltz and tango bit mixed with baroque and orchestral sound while the electric guitar parts are always more and more left on the background. After few months artists like Yendri (D), Ab Ovo (F) and Stark (AUS) started to remix three songs of this album, “Tre Stille Scarlatte”, “Niveare” and “Esse”, songs available on the deluxe version of the follower cd called “Miele Dal Salice” also on digital version. “Miele Dal Salice” is the third record issued in 2006, the band dedicated a lot of time to this record which is the most intense and bizarre cd they have released to date. On this new effort Rossana Landi (degreed in music) is the new lead singer, playing contrabass too. 

After a short but intense touring around Germany and Italy as well as on very important festivals like the Wave Gothic Treffen in Leipzig and Berlin with solar fake (D), Dismal took a break and (Afelio co-founder,male voice and guitar) left the band due to personal reasons. After this very long break the band decided to enter the studio again and this year 2013 it will see the light the brand new album called “Giostra di Vapore”. Now the band goes forward to create a new sound dimension fusing electronic sound with the classical music, simply modern and antique meets together for a sound similar to steampunk. Lyrics&inspiration are always focused on topics like social psychology, philosophy,poetry,art, alchemy and more spiritual themes.

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                  VELVET OCEAN

Genre: Alternative Metal

City: Oulu

Country: Finland

Year of creation: 2015

Lyrical themes: N/A

Current label : N/A

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Riitu Ronkainen - vocals

Jarkko Ronkainen - guitar & vocals

Jani Lehtinen - guitar

Tuomas Vesa - bass

Bastian Schallschmidt - drums

Jami Alaverronen - synths

Arto Alikoski - cello

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Genre: Melodic / Heavy / Power Metal


Country: Romania

Year of creation: 2002

Lyrical themes: 
Dark fantasy, Mythology, Individuality

Current label : N/A

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Ana Mladinovici - vocals

Bogdan Costea - guitar

Cristian Popescu - bass

Theo Scriosteanu - drums

Radu Mihai - keyboard

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                       ALL iN MiND

Genre: Nu Metal

City: Granada

Country: Spain

Year of creation: 2016

Lyrical themes: Human Behavior, Society, Psychology

Current label : N/A

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Yuly Weyler -  Clean vocals
Joseph Ghard - Growls, rap

Chema Sillero - Bass

Alex Baena - Guitar

David Torres - Guitar

Miguel Burgos - Drums 








All iN Mind is a Nu Metal band from Granada (Spain) founded by the vocalist Joseph Ghard and the bassist Chema Sillero.

By the end of 2016, our two guys come together to start a solid music proyect.

After been decided a work methodology, they start to looking for committed musicians

Fortunally, those musicians joined to the band shortly, like the guitarist Alex Baena and his “riff factory”, David Torres and his maestry on the musical arrangements , and shortly after the talented vocalist Yuly Weyler.

The band keep looking for a new drummer.
Growls, rap and clean female vocals intermingle with stylish, powerful and varied metal melodies. A mixture that you shouldn´t miss!

Please, enjoy our EP and leave us a comment:


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All iN Mind es una banda Granadina de Nu Metal fundada por el
vocalista Joseph Ghard y el bajista Chema Sillero.

A finales de 2016 estos 2 músicos granadinos se reunen para empezar un proyecto sólido.

Tras haber trazado una metodología de trabajo, se ponen manos a la obra en busca de músicos comprometidos.

Afortunadamente se van uniendo a la banda músicos como el guitarrista Alex Baena y su “fábrica de riffs”, David Torres y su maestría en los arreglos , y poco después la talentosa vocalista Yuly Weyler.

La banda sigue en búsqueda de baterista al cual se anunciará en breve.


Guturales, rap y voces femeninas se entremezclan con variadas, contundentes y estilosas melodias. Sin duda es una mezcla que no puedes perderte!


Ya podeis disfrutar de nuestro primer EP :


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Genre: Modern / Gothic Metal

City: Bologna

Country: Italy

Year of creation: 2015

Lyrical themes: N/A

Current label : Sliptrick Records

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Debora Ceneri - Vocals

Michele Di Lauro - Guitars

Fausto De Bellis - Bass&Guitars

Pasquale Barile - Keyboards&Synths

Simone Spolzino - Drums&Growl


Revenience is a modern metal band based in Bologna – Italy, currently in the roster of Sliptrick Records. The band takes its final shape in the end of 2014, during the recordings of their first album (Daedalum) from the work of musicians active for several years in various projects of the underground Italian metal scene.

Thanks to the heterogeneity and variety of their previous experiences, each member of the band contributed greatly with its own attitude and musical suggestions to the final sound of Revenience: progressive, gothic, symphonic metal and also electronic music influences are present, all elements contributing to the rich personality of their music.

Aggressive and articulated rhythmic patterns are merged with pervading sounds and atmospheric arpeggios, building up a textured background on which the versatility of Debora’s voice and the strength of Simone’s growl can reach their contrast-based full potential.

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Genre: Melodic / Modern Metal

City: Kiev

Country: Ukraine

Year of creation: 2005

Lyrical themes: N/A

Current label : N/A

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Victor Morozov - Guitar

Yana Kovalskaya - Keyboards 

Ekaterina Kapshuk - Vocals 

Igor Chumak - Bass 

Philipp Kharouk - Drums


Scarleth is remarkable and experienced Ukrainian metal band
playing music on joint of modern heaviness and diverse melodism. For the time being the band has played several hundreds of live shows, released two full-length albums worldwide and took part in many festivals where Blind Guardian, Rage, Ensiferum, Rotting Christ, Leaves’ Eyes, Kalmah, Cemetery Of Scream, Atrocity and other famous bands performed. Band’s style is expanding constantly and represents mind-blowing mixture of many melodic genres – from power, folk, doom and gothic metal to modern/progressive metal. The band completely deserves to be called one of the most outstanding young musical representatives of its style.

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Genre: Symphonic Rock / Folk / Celtic

City: London

Country: England

Year of creation: 2010

Lyrical themes: N/A

Current label :  Serpentyne Music

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Maggiebeth Sand (founder member)
(Lead voice + keyboards)

Mark Powell (founder member)
(Hurdy-gurdy + guitar)

Mathew Damian - electric guitar

Mark Jenkins - keyboards

Nigel Middletone - bass & backing voice

John Haitheway - drums & backing voice


Serpentyne was created in London in 2010 by founder members
Maggie-Beth Sand and Mark Powell, inspired by a combination of early music, folk, Celtic, world and rock.

They recorded their first album, "Stella Splendens" that year, basing it on traditional mediaeval texts and tunes from England, Spain and France, arranged in their own style and blending instruments such as cittole, hurdy-gurdy, harmonium, portative organ, medieval drums, crumhorns, recorders, and Maggie's voice.

Serpentyne released their second album, "Myths & Muses" which is based on mediaeval, traditional and mythic themes, this album has a stronger rock element.

A third album "The Serpent' Kiss" is now following the same mythic & medieval themes as it's previous one, but heading into a heavier rock sound.

You can buy all albums from Amazon.co.uk or iTunes

You can email us here:
serpentynemusic@ (antispam) gmail.com, or write to: Serpentyne, Box 777, London, WC1N 3XX, U.K.

For detailed information of Serpentyne's 2016 concerts, please visit:

To join Serpentyne's Facebook page please "Like" this link:

For videos:
www. youtube.com/serpentynemusic

Thanks for reading our biography, we hope to see you at one of our concerts.

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Genre: Symphonic Rock / Progressive Metal

City: San Vicente

Country: Costa Rica

Year of creation: 2015

Lyrical themes: N/A

Current label :  N/A

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Fabiola Salas - Vocals

Geovanny Leitón - Guitars

Elias Vega - Bass

Kendall Rodríguez - Keyboards

Juan Carlos Soto - Drums 

BIO : 

La banda nace a mediados del año 2015 y fue fundada por
Geovanny Leitón, guitarrista y compositor de la banda y Elías Vega, bajista y compositor. Amethyst nace como producto de la experiencia en anteriores bandas de ambos músicos con las agrupaciones Nebula (2003) y Cántiga (2012).

A inicios del año 2016 y luego de múltiples audiciones sin éxito, Geovanny Leitón contacta con la entonces compañera de grupo en Vintage Band, Fabiola Salas, a quien le propone incorporarse a Amethyst como vocalista principal, ella aceptó ser la vocalista principal y con su voz y melodías aportó un sello distintivo a la banda.

Finalmente en el año 2016 y luego de trabajar con varios bateristas, se completa la alineación actual de la banda con JC Soto, baterista de sesión para artistas internacionales y baterista de bandas nacionales de rock y metal como Zensorial, Seres y Fractured Souls entre otras.


El nombre de la banda refleja la música la agrupación. El amatista (en inglés amethyst) es una piedra preciosa y una de las variedades de cuarzo más apreciadas y junto con el diamante es uno de los minerales más duros, ha sido utilizado en joyería desde la antigüedad por la realeza Egipcia, y en ritos mágicos desde la Edad Media. Así, la música de Amethyst refleja estas características en cada composición, el misticismo y belleza junto a la dureza de su arte.

Los miembros de la banda son originarios de San José, Costa Rica y la sede de la banda está en Moravia (The Amethyst Cave), en donde cuentan con su propia sala de ensayo y equipo, aunque ocasionalmente trabajan en Vintage Studio (Curidabat).

El género de la banda es difícil de definir ya que se mueve entre géneros por la diversidad de influencias de los miembros de la banda los cuales pasan por heavy metal, metal progresivo, metal sinfónico, power metal, punk, jazz, world music y muchos otros, creando una mezcla única que produce el sonido de Amethyst.

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Genre: Hard´n Heavy Metal

City: La Spezia

Country: Italy

Year of creation: 2010

Lyrical themes: N/A

Current label :  Art Gates Records

LINKS :    Facebook    Youtube


Kelly - Lead Guitar

Ace - Vocals, Rhytm Guitar

Condor - Bass

Mirko - Drums 

BIO : 

Hollywood Groupies is a hard'n'heavy band, these guys mature live experience joinin' various musical events, sharing stages with established artists . In January 2010 they publish their debut album "Punched By Millions Hit By None", a twist of hard rock, punk and metal; this unique cocktail of music is the distinguish sign of the band, this album garnered the band very good reviews worldwide and a place on the stage of Free Wheels Festival in France facing the main stage with bands like Twisted Sister, Motorhead, Crucified Barbara and Popa Chubby. 

In 2011 they played at the world famous Whisky à Go Go and in 2012 in London
In 2013 they change line up, Ace moves from drums to rhythm guitar and Mirko enter the band as official drummer.

In 2014 the band works a lot in the studio and develops a new sound that takes them in a new and fresh direction, a much heavier but still melodic way. In December they give birth to " Bitchcraft ".
After a strong live activity in 2015 all over Europe including a 30+ shows tour as direct support for Lordi the band recorded "From Ashes to ligh" full lenght at New Sin Studio in Loria (Italy) , engineered, mixed and mastered by the world renowned producer Luigi Stefanini.
"From Ashes to light" will be out in fall 2016.

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Genre: Alternative Rock / Metal

City: Campobasso

Country: Italy

Year of creation: 2014

Lyrical themes: N/A

Current label :  
From The Depths Entertainment,Nehalennia,Valkyrie Rising

LINKS :    Facebook    Youtube


Francesca - Vocals

Alessandro - Bass

Tito - Guitar

Eleonora - Keyboards

Antonio - Drums 

BIO : 

Misthaven is a five members band made up in Campobasso, a little town in the south of Italy.
Their journey started early in 2014 when Eleonora (piano) and Tito

(guitar) were talking around music preferences and they wondered why not to start writing music together. Afterwards, Francesca (vocals) joined the group, on Eleonora's call. Friends since childhood, they've already worked together, performing on local events covering Evanescence's songs.
Finally, Alessandro A. (bass) and Alessandro I. (drums) joined the band, though the drummer left before everything became official, soon to be replaced by Antonio in 2016.

Out of many different musical backgrounds, “Born Among The Ashes” is Misthaven four tracks self produced demo cd, come as result of this first year of hard work, come out on March 4th 2015.

On July 1st the band was ready to give birth to a second four tracks little record. “Bleed” is Misthaven acoustic demo, full of classical and gothic influences.

The band call itself critical to the local music scene and at least the Italian one, still too close to new different sounds and experiences, which brought them to open their eyes to the overseas music style, counting among their main influences many groups such as Evanescence, Alter Bridge, Halestorm...

After a few radios and magazines appeareances, in December 2015 the band joined the From The Depths Entertainment roaster, ready to start a new adventure.

On September 30, 2016 the band released "Bleed EP" with the German label Nehalennia, followed by first single "Newborn" by Valkyrie Rising on October 21, 2016.

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