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Thursday, May 30, 2013  

Hi guys!!. Here we go again with another interesting interview on female metal radio. This time, Megan Robins, from the Australian Gothic / Doom Metal band LYCANTHIA, talk to us about influences, proyects, future etc..

- FEMALE METAL RADIOHello Megan and welcome to female metal radio!

- MEGAN ROBINS : Thanks a lot!. We´re very happy!.

- FEMALE METAL RADIO : Where you from , and how the project begins?
- MEGAN ROBINS :  We are from Sydney, Australia. Lycanthia begun as just a musical recording project between a bunch of friends, the result of which was the first album 'Myriad'. It's a very basic version of Lycanthia as it is today, the ideas were there but they weren't coming through in song writing yet. It took several years and line-up changes for the band to come together the way we wanted and start making the music we wanted to create.

- FMR What are some of your main influences as a band? 
- MEGAN :Paradise Lost, In The Woods, Draconian, Primordial, Bolt Thrower and of course, My Dying Bride.

- FMR How do you define exactly your band´s style?
- MEGAN : It's hard to define really, we have been going with Death-Doom/Gothic Metal, but I'm not sure it's a 
perfect fit as there are elements of Symphonic, Melodic, Celtic, Rock and even the odd Thrash riff in there as well...

- FMR What is the thematic of your last work?, Please, Tell us a little bit of this.
- MEGAN : We found that a lot of the tracks on 'Oligarchy', came under a common theme; feelings of disdain towards the system and the powers that be. There's a fantasy tale about unrequited and forbidden love (Forgone) and there's a couple of tracks about personal despair and internal struggles (Time Feeds This Wound, Despondency In Crescendo).

- FMR Do you think that your sound have something new ?
- MEGAN : I think we are bringing a new and sharper edge to an older style, definitely. Death-Doom has been around for a while but we are bringing our own style to it, layering it with rich harmonies and symphonic's, and not being afraid to change up the tempo when the song calls for it. We don't set out to break traditions, we just want to write the music we love.
- FMR :   What you think will happen with your music?
- MEGAN : I don't have any expectations, dreams in abundance, but not expectations...

- What's your favorite album by another band?
- MEGAN :  Geez this is a REALLY tough question................... I guess if I have to pick just one, it would be "Like Gods Of  The Sun" by My Dying Bride
- FMR :  Where can people go to get or listen your album?
- MEGAN : All the tracks are currently streaming on our bandcamp and other pages, here are all the places you can hear it:

- FMR : Please, what websites have the band for people to know you better ( Your facebook, twitter, website. This space is perfect to promote your band!  )
- MEGAN : Here are our websites:

- FMR : Ok Megan!. Has been a pleasure to talk with you. And congratulations for the amazing gig with Eluveitie!!

 - MEGAN : Thanks a lot!. It was an unforgettable experience. Thank you guys for your support. You´re doing very good things for new bands.


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