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Friday, December 28, 2012  



Genre: Symphonic / Gothic / Neoclassical / Theatrical  Metal

City: Torino

Country: Italy

Year of creation: 2007

Lyrical themes:   Arts, Old literature, Theatre, Opera, 


Current label : Wall records

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EVELYN MOON:  main female voice, opera/clean/spoken voice;
HYDRA:  main male, opera voice and scream; 

RICHARD: pianist and backing clean/growl vocal;

IAN: synth music, keyboard and effects; 

LORD OF DESTRUCTION: rhythmic/solo guitar; 

VIOLET: bass and backing clean vocal and spoken voice; 

FLAVUS: drums


MIKI: live chorist 
The name AEVUM summarizes the meaning of music, the research, and the evolving of the band.

AEVUM translated from Latin, is the Angel of Judgment, the greek aeon, that marks the end of a known order of things and the coming of a great change, of a new system.
Their music is a costantly moving towards the union between the human and the divine, between opposites, between male and female, between positive and negative, in a genre that is the union between classical music and gothic-metal.

The project shapes in the late 2007 and the early 2008 from the encounter between the singer Evelyn Moonl and the pianist Richard. Over the years, the line-up has seen the alternation of new singers, guitarists and drummers, but since two years the line-up is complete and consists of 7 young musicians. The peculiarity of the group is the uses of texts sung in different languages with lyrical voice, clean, growl and scream, and researched music.

Currently, AEVUM have two EPs, Celestial Angels, released in 2008, and Nova Vita in 2012, both self-produced.
At times melancholic, at time powerful, their concerts are an unforgettable experience for the great stage presence and the emotional charge contained in their songs.


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