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Sunday, September 16, 2012  


Genre:  Melodic Extreme Metal


Country: United States

Year of creation: 2003

Lyrical themes: Armageddon

Current label : Unsigned
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 Bio : 

SORROWSEED is a melodic extreme metal manifestation of twisted prophecies that once tormented the minds of Morte McAdaver and Thomas Cyranowski. Now the Extinction Prophecies are unleashed to wreak cacophonous havoc upon the ears of the masses.

After dissolving in early 2011 A.D., the Order of Sorrowseed returned at the beginning of 2012 A.D., with some old members returning, and some new souls

Lilith Astaroth: The human manifestation of the Reaping Willow, the goddess Lilith leads the Order with her nightmarish, phlegmy Screams of Torture.

Morte McAdaver: One of two creatures to survive the dissolution of the previous order, he shall provide many Murderous Axes to the faces of feeble human filth.

Asmodai: First of the new souls, his Thumping Lines shall cause the earth to quake and cities to crumble.

Prometheus B. Subrick: The final of new souls (or lack thereof in his case), this failed laboratory creation infects the children of the human species with Percussive Nightmares.

The Phantom Cyr: The second of two depraved beings to survive the Order's original demise, this disturbed conductor's Orchestral Depravities haunt mankind's collective conscience.

The Order has risen again, and will stop at nothing until this world is at its end.

Sorrowseed's full-length 2CD debut, "The Extinction Prophecies" is now available on iTUNES, CDBABY, and eMUSIC. More details at www.sorrowseed.com!

Areas of the world we have infected include:

Lowell, Massachusetts
Boston, Massachusetts
Cambridge, Massachusetts
Worcester, Massachusetts
New Haven, Connecticut
Holyoke, Massachusetts
Quincy, Massachusetts
Salem, Massachusetts
Poughkeepsie, New York
Providence, Rhode Island
Portland, Maine
New York City
Brookfield, Connecticut


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