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Saturday, September 29, 2012  


Genre:  Symphonic / Gothic Metal

City:  Madrid

Country:  Spain

Year of creation: 2005

Lyrical themes: N/A
Current label : Casket Music / Copro Records.

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May Lucas - Vocals

Jose Manuel Torres - Guitars


Sergio López - Keyboards

Jose Luis Tarano - Bass

Raul Ronco - Drums


Secret Signs was formed in April 2005 when Sergio López and Jose Manuel Torres met each other through a very popular internet music forum and decided to create a new european female fronted symphonic metal project, influenced by bands such as Epica, After Forever or Nightwish.

After finding a rehearsal place they began looking for the rest of musicians required to complete the line up, being the drummer Raul Ronco the next one to join the group.

It was not until November of the same year that they found their first singer, Lucía Sánchez, and some time later, Jose Luis Tarano joined the band as a bass player.

After some months of training they had the opportunity to record their first song “Through the Stars” in the prestigious studios “Sonora” under the direction of the sound technician and friend of the band Sonia Robles. As a result they got their song played in some metal radio stations and from that moment on they were invited to play many local gigs.

In 2008 the band came back to “Sonora” studios to record their first full length album produced by Sonia Robles and after that, they began looking for a record label. At the end of 2009 Lucía Sánchez left the band to concentrate on her studies and job full time, being replaced by May Lucas, a very young soprano with a very powerful voice who fitted perfectly into the kind of frontwoman they were looking for.

The most remarkable concert they have played so far was at Caracol (Madrid) the 19th of March 2010, supporting the Norwegian classic gothic metal band Theatre of Tragedy during their farewell tour being very well received by the audience and praised by the press.

In February 2011, the band re-recorded the vocal lines of their album with their current singer at the prestigious studios `Oasis´ in Madrid .

The album was finally released on July 2012 through Casket Music / Copro Records.


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