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Wednesday, September 26, 2012  



Genre: Folk / Viking Metal

City:  Montreal

Country: Canada

Year of creation: 2009

Lyrical themes: North Mythology
Current label : Maple Metal Records
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Grazzt - Guitar & Back Vocals

Shark - Keyboards

Crook - Lead Vocal

Karhu - Guitar & Back Vocals

Pinch - Bass

Jotunn - Drums 


Valfreya was created, back in February of 2009, by Crook, singer and main composer.
Having many compositions she wanted out there with a much more aggressive musical sound than typical folk metal.
Many members have joined the band over the years, to finally settle down with the current lineup, which now brings it's own musical ideas to Valfreya.

The tree of life,
source of eternal youth and strength,
nurturing nine worlds filled with immortal legends

A Deity feared and adored by all,
had to change the course of destiny.
Resolute, she went to Yggdrasil`s roots
so she could meet the three weavers of destinies, the norns.

Past, present and future reunited.

An agreement was struck.

Freyja chose from the dead;
the lost souls of wandering, restless warriors.
To get a chance at redemption, new life was granted to them. 


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