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Monday, December 21, 2009   0 comments

Recently, I visited the website of  Epica and the truth is that I liked a lot. It has always been my favorite band above all others. They have been able to invent their own style and give it depth and classicism. On its website can see the different trajectories of its components and a common characteristic: all are studies in classical music. That made me think a lot. To achieve the level of Epica in this regard must be studied music at the conservatory for hours and hire choirs and violins to help you to raise the symphony. Es really difficult to make this whole thing ....
But to show you that you can ... Here I leave the video for their song "The Phantom Agony", which although a few years ago (2003) is a clear example of how to record a song in style of SymphonicMetal.
And with subtitles in english and spanish for see the great lyrics!!  Set all the details of video ....

Thursday, December 10, 2009   0 comments

I would like to start with a band of which I declare myself a staunch fan: Sirenia.

The inclusion of the Spanish singer Ailyn (Granada, Spain) from my point of view is a great success. We have seen the evolution of the band on their new album "The 13th floor", with much more melodic rhythms, power and above all by the presence of choirs, which give much greater depth to the songs.

They call themselves "Gothic metal" talking about subjects as varied as Life, Death, Love, Hate, Mental Decline ...

The single from their new album was certainly a big bombshell for specialized critics. Here also his "myspace"

Anyway you have the link to the web in this blog. Click on the play now!

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