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Friday, February 5, 2010  

 I thought it was interesting to include this item on the blog. I always felt curious about this instrument, look on wikipedia and found this interesting definition:

A keytar is a relatively lightweight keyboard or synthesizer that is supported by a strap around the neck and shoulders, similar to the way a guitar is supported by a guitar strap. Keytars allow players a greater range of movement compared to conventional keyboards, which are placed on stands.

The instrument has a musical keyboard for triggering musical notes and sounds. Controls for pitch bends, vibrato, portamento, and sustain are placed on the instrument’s “neck". The term "keytar" is a portmanteau of the words "keyboard" and "guitar." Keytars may either contain their own synthesis engines, or simply be controllers, triggering notes on another MIDI capable synthesizer.

 The next video of Sonata Artica can see who to play the keytar with mastery


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