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Wednesday, April 3, 2013  


Genre: Melodic / Progressive Metal

City: Los Angeles

Country: Colombia / USA

Year of creation: 2009

Lyrical themes:  N/A

Current label : Unsigned / Independent

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Inheritor is a Colombian-American melodic metal band that was formed in Bogota D.C. on 2009. The project has always been a five-pieced female fronted group of musicians with strong neo-classical influences, combined with a touch of death, heavy and progressive metal.

In 2009 the band began to play live, and worked with Stormblaze Entertainment for a year; during this time the band was able to do a small tour where they shared the stage with big acts from the local Colombian metal scene like Gaias Pendulum, Soulburner, Loathsome Faith etc.

In 2010 the band released its debut album “From dust n Passion”; it had good local radio airplay and positive reviews in many countries like Finland, Peru, Spain etc. The album was recorded and produced by guitarist and founder of the project Alejandro Cardenas; and mastered by Carlos Silva at C1 Mastering in Bogota D.C. Some of the recording musicians that were part of the project from the beginning were Diego Duque (bass), Ivan Montenegro (guitar), Victoria Mejia (vocals) and Leonel Rojas (drums).

In 2011 the band launched its first video clip “A Fading Caress” and after going through some line up changes they finished working with “Stormblaze Entertainment” and signed with “Independent” for the rest of that year.

In 2012 Inheritor began the production of a new album and moved to Los Angeles, CA.

Now, after regrouping with some local musicians, Inheritor is about to finish the production of that second studio album; which will be coming out with a new lead singer, and a touch of “folk” Colombian roots added to the original sound!


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