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Thursday, February 4, 2016  



Genre: Extreme Dark / Metal

City:  Duisburg

Country: Germany

Year of creation: 2010

Lyrical themes:  Nordic Mysticism and Modern Fantasy

Current label :   Cyfoxx Records

LINKS :    Facebook    Website

Loreley von Rhein - Vocals

Anagnorisis - Lead guitars

Sturm - Rythm guitars

Erhan Karaca - Drums


Bombastic Dark Metal between Nordic Mysticism & Modern Fantasy

SARIOLA release new single “From The Dismal Sariola”

Since its founding in 2005 and the release of the debut “The Sphere of Thousand Sunsets” in 2006, the Extreme Dark Metal band SARIOLA from Duisburg has built a reputation in the national and international scene. They played their energetic live-shows across Europe and could share the stage with bands like Ensiferum, Megadeth, [:SITD:], Imperia, Hail of Bullets and Pro-Pain. The quintet is named after the mystical empire in the Finnish national epos Kalevalas which is surrounded by eternal darkness and cold. The dramatic narrative moment of heroic legends and myths can also be found in the musical DNA of the band, which combines the melodic gothic- with bombastic metal sound and thereby creates its own morbid Muses.

After the demo “Death Frozen Silence” (2009), the book-soundtrack “Facing Hybrid Worlds” (2011) for Y. Sukhova’s fantasy book series “The Twilight Hunter” and a re-recording of their debut album under the name “The Sphere Of Thousand Sunsets V2.0 “(2012), with the latest single release, there is a new musical exclamation mark in the starting blocks: “From The Dismal Sariola” will be released on 9/12/2014 on the German label 7HARD.

Singer Loreley von Rhein, who has already taken singing lessons with Nightwish singer Floor Jansen (ex-After Forever), shines between keyboard, monumental drums and dramatic guitar riffs. The double bass of the drums gallops with an almost apocalyptic clout through the musical theme in which operatic vocals break through. Alternating between combative aggression and mystical elegance the musical guise of Sariola unfolds itself and captures the listener. “From The Dismal Sariola” was recorded in three studios (two in Germany, one in UK). The single was mixed by Neil Haynes in “The Parlour Studios” (Kettering, England) and mastered by the famous producer, sound engineer and musician Russ Russell.

In the music video, which incidentally is the first of the band’s history, over 50 people were involved to create the perfect sound and an unique look of ice-age fantasy landscapes and futuristic underworld.

SARIOLA take you along into their world, in which Nordic warriors meet dark sirens – Extreme Dark Metal at its best!


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