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Sunday, March 13, 2016  




Genre: Soundtrack Symphonic Metal  

City:  Barcelona

Country: Spain

Year of creation: 2010

Lyrical themes:   N/A

Current label :   Unsigned / Independent

LINKS :    Facebook    Website

Lidia Guglieri - Vocals

David Magrané - Composer-Keyboards

Alex Núñez - Guitars

Miguel Ortiz - Guitars

Jose Martos - Bass

Edu Grima - Drums


Suddenlash is a Soundtrack Symphonic Metal Band from Barcelona. Our style is based on a lyric, very personal, lead female voice together with dense orchestrations and heavy obstinate rhythms. Our songs speak of epic stories and about self-awareness as well. Emotion is for sure our main goal.

In 2010 Suddenlash started its way, when the singer Lidia Guglieri met the conductor, composer and keyboard player David Magrané. Since then hard, continuous work has brought us to release a full album in 2013 (Soul’s Revenge), to roll our first video clip in the fall of 2014 and eventually, to rehearse the live show with the full band which we are performing throughout 2015. We expect to record a second album in summer 2016. All of its songs are almost ready and one of them, “Queen of the Night”, will be released during next Christmas as a single.

Our band members are experienced players. They joined Suddenlash acknowledging the opportunity to play new music with high artistic standards. Our show is meant to be as much spectacular as possible, including theatrical features. Our music contains both film music and romantic opera qualities thus we wish to make those qualities quite evident during live performances.


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