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                                       BEYOND FORGIVENESS

Genre: Gothic / Symphonic / Power Metal  

City:  Fountain, CO

Country: U.S.A

Year of creation: 2009

Lyrical themes  Fantasy

Current label :   Unsigned / Independent

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Talia Hoit - Vocals\Composition
Richard Marcus - Guitars\Backing Vocals
Greg Witwer - Guitars\Backing Vocals
Michael Bulach - Drums


Two founding members of the band Beyond Forgiveness have
played together in bands for a
better part of 11 years, their firstband Hells Eden formed in 2004 and released a 5 song ep, after member changes and playing out live with local and national acts Hells Eden officially disbanded in 2008 the 2 members Greg Witwer and Richard Marcus kept in contact with each other. 

Their musical aspirations were very similar in the fact that Greg was heavily influenced in the power metal genre and Richard was heavily influenced in the gothic metal genre but both had one big thing they agreed on, they both aspired to play in a female fronted style band, Richard was playing with a band at the time called Anifornum and after the disbanding of Hells Eden called Greg and told him that the current project had the pieces in place to see their vision full circle, Greg originally joined Anifornum as the bass player and after the 2nd guitarist left moved with ease into the second guitarist slot, the band officially changed their name to Beyond Forgiveness and symphonic gothic bliss was born, we started recording our debut album but never put all the parts in place to release it, their fellow founding member and lead vocalist Lynn Brown left the band in 2013 and again it appeared that Beyond Forgiveness would no longer be. Turn forward the year 2014 both members had decided that what they envisioned and what they had put together with Lynn and their drummer Mike Bulach was just to good to let die so both guitarists started jamming together again. 

They were contacted through their then keyboardist of a female vocalist who sent them a rough recording of a Within Temptation song titled "angels" and 2 minute clip of the classical song "o mio babbino caro". Both knew that minute this was the person they had to have as their frontwoman. To their pleasant surprise it was the engineer Talia Hoit who had helped them several years earlier in the recording of their first full length cd with Lynn and Mike, truth be told they had asked her several times about playing keyboards in the project but timing was wrong. 

The pieces were again falling in the right place, their final goal was to bring back the original drummer of the project Mike Bulach after several months of text messages and a little begging their vision was once again full circle. 

Now with their vision of symphonic mastery and the fantastic orchestrations by Talia, with the departure of their keyboardist, they are now recording their first true full length album tentatively titled The Ferrymans Shore.

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