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Tuesday, October 29, 2013  


Genre: Symphonic / Extreme Metal

City: Chisinau

Country: Moldova

Year of creation:2010

Lyrical themes:  intrapersonal conflicts, personal enlightenment,   hypocrisy and malice of society.

Current label : Self Release

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Zoya Belous

Dmitrii Prihodko

Mike Cebotari

Voland Satan


Imagine the fury, the fury of raging planet expressed in such dark art as metal. Specifically extreme metal. Now add to that layers of symphonic orchestra, with its reachness and deversity of sounds. Lastly atop of this combo rides a true valkyrie, with a voice that can take you to heavens, or to the depths of hell. If you could imagine all of this, then you'll get the basic vision of Esperoza.

Esperoza was founded Autumn 2010 in Chisinau, Moldova. Founding members Zoya (vocals, lyrics) and Dmitrii (guitar, composition & arranges) were disgusted with music that is considered today as "Symphonic Metal", and decided to create their own band, that would resemble a real Symphonic Metal. For the most time in past two years Esperoza was focused on creating material and finding fellow musicians, the latter, unfortunately, was fruitless, but the band did not give up that easily. So on December 31 2012 they released their debut E.P. "Tempest".

Musically, it is based upon classics of Death and Black Metal genres, combined with arranges for a symphonic orchestra, and a real dramatic soprano.
Lyrically, the band addresses intrapersonal conflicts, personal enlightenment, hypocrisy and malice of society, ecological problems, survival in unfriendly world and to some extent sci-fi.


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