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Genre: Symphonic / Extreme Metal

City: Chisinau

Country: Moldova

Year of creation:2010

Lyrical themes:  intrapersonal conflicts, personal enlightenment,   hypocrisy and malice of society.

Current label : Self Release

LINKS :    Facebook    Reverbnation

Zoya Belous

Dmitrii Prihodko

Mike Cebotari

Voland Satan


Imagine the fury, the fury of raging planet expressed in such dark art as metal. Specifically extreme metal. Now add to that layers of symphonic orchestra, with its reachness and deversity of sounds. Lastly atop of this combo rides a true valkyrie, with a voice that can take you to heavens, or to the depths of hell. If you could imagine all of this, then you'll get the basic vision of Esperoza.

Esperoza was founded Autumn 2010 in Chisinau, Moldova. Founding members Zoya (vocals, lyrics) and Dmitrii (guitar, composition & arranges) were disgusted with music that is considered today as "Symphonic Metal", and decided to create their own band, that would resemble a real Symphonic Metal. For the most time in past two years Esperoza was focused on creating material and finding fellow musicians, the latter, unfortunately, was fruitless, but the band did not give up that easily. So on December 31 2012 they released their debut E.P. "Tempest".

Musically, it is based upon classics of Death and Black Metal genres, combined with arranges for a symphonic orchestra, and a real dramatic soprano.
Lyrically, the band addresses intrapersonal conflicts, personal enlightenment, hypocrisy and malice of society, ecological problems, survival in unfriendly world and to some extent sci-fi.

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Genre: Progressive Metal

City: Nürnberg

Country: Germany

Year of creation:2008

Lyrical themes: N/A

Current label : Generation Prog Records

LINKS :    Facebook    Website

Nicki Weber - Vocals, growls, percusions, flute
Dave Mola  - Guitar, mellotron
Toby Süb  - Drums
Sebastian Ott - Bass
Chris Steingen - Guitars


With the release of their “Shades of Fate”-EP in late 2009,

 the five-piece from Nuremberg/Germany laid the foundation to establish a signature sound, boasting heavy guitars, atmospheric mellotron sounds and complex rhythmic patterns. Singer Nicki’s stunning range comprises crystal clear vocals as well as raw death metal growls; however, she also contributes flute sounds to the songs’ more mellow moments. Effloresce’s songs express emotions and mirror the band’s technical capabilities without sacrificing musicality or listenability. Effloresce are also a committed live band and manage to capture their songs’ atmosphere, energy and depth just as much in front of audiences as in the studio. Speaking of which, Effloresce released their first full-length album “Coma Ghosts” in early 2012, which has been mixed and mastered by swedish legend Dan Swanö and received enthusiastic reviews by both the prog and the metal community.

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                                                    NOISY TOYZ

Genre: Symphonic Rock / Metal

City: London / Hampshire

Country: UK

Year of creation:2008

Lyrical themes: N/A

Current label :   Dark Sounds

LINKS :    Facebook    Website

Gemma Louise Edwards - Vocals

Mars Marshall - Guitars & Keyboards

Steve Barker - Drums

The Baron - Bass

Noisy Toyz are a female fronted, Symphonic rock band from Hampshire/London.

Noisy Toyz music is inspired from many genres including Musicals and rock.pop music and blends rock guitar,synths and orchestra in their own unique style. The single "Trail of Tears " feature the talented Soprano Gemma Louise Edwards. The album "The Fate of dreams "features symphonic orchehstral hook lines to add to the theatrical edge,along with the melting pot of syntih atmospheres, 7-string wall of guitar sound and drum grooves. so all people should enjoy this feast of Symphonic rock
Get your free download of the song "save me" from the album on our profile page now !!

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Hi guys!!. Here we go again with another interesting interview on female metal radio. This time, Megan Robins, from the Australian Gothic / Doom Metal band LYCANTHIA, talk to us about influences, proyects, future etc..

- FEMALE METAL RADIOHello Megan and welcome to female metal radio!

- MEGAN ROBINS : Thanks a lot!. We´re very happy!.

- FEMALE METAL RADIO : Where you from , and how the project begins?
- MEGAN ROBINS :  We are from Sydney, Australia. Lycanthia begun as just a musical recording project between a bunch of friends, the result of which was the first album 'Myriad'. It's a very basic version of Lycanthia as it is today, the ideas were there but they weren't coming through in song writing yet. It took several years and line-up changes for the band to come together the way we wanted and start making the music we wanted to create.

- FMR What are some of your main influences as a band? 
- MEGAN :Paradise Lost, In The Woods, Draconian, Primordial, Bolt Thrower and of course, My Dying Bride.

- FMR How do you define exactly your band´s style?
- MEGAN : It's hard to define really, we have been going with Death-Doom/Gothic Metal, but I'm not sure it's a 
perfect fit as there are elements of Symphonic, Melodic, Celtic, Rock and even the odd Thrash riff in there as well...

- FMR What is the thematic of your last work?, Please, Tell us a little bit of this.
- MEGAN : We found that a lot of the tracks on 'Oligarchy', came under a common theme; feelings of disdain towards the system and the powers that be. There's a fantasy tale about unrequited and forbidden love (Forgone) and there's a couple of tracks about personal despair and internal struggles (Time Feeds This Wound, Despondency In Crescendo).

- FMR Do you think that your sound have something new ?
- MEGAN : I think we are bringing a new and sharper edge to an older style, definitely. Death-Doom has been around for a while but we are bringing our own style to it, layering it with rich harmonies and symphonic's, and not being afraid to change up the tempo when the song calls for it. We don't set out to break traditions, we just want to write the music we love.
- FMR :   What you think will happen with your music?
- MEGAN : I don't have any expectations, dreams in abundance, but not expectations...

- What's your favorite album by another band?
- MEGAN :  Geez this is a REALLY tough question................... I guess if I have to pick just one, it would be "Like Gods Of  The Sun" by My Dying Bride
- FMR :  Where can people go to get or listen your album?
- MEGAN : All the tracks are currently streaming on our bandcamp and other pages, here are all the places you can hear it:

- FMR : Please, what websites have the band for people to know you better ( Your facebook, twitter, website. This space is perfect to promote your band!  )
- MEGAN : Here are our websites:

- FMR : Ok Megan!. Has been a pleasure to talk with you. And congratulations for the amazing gig with Eluveitie!!

 - MEGAN : Thanks a lot!. It was an unforgettable experience. Thank you guys for your support. You´re doing very good things for new bands.

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Genre: Doom / Gothic Metal

City: Sydney

Country: Australia

Year of creation: 1997

Lyrical themes:  Fantasy, Emotions, Death, Despair

Current label :   Hypnotic Dirge Records

LINKS :    Facebook    Myspace 

Lee Tassaker - Vocals & Bass

Vanessa Black - Violin & Vocals

Megan Robins - Keys & Vocals

Stephen Mikulic - Guitars

Mathew Newton - Guitars

Lachlan Donaldson - Drums 

Formed in the late 90s, Lycanthia are a 6 piece Gothic/Death Doom Metal band from Sydney, Australia.

The popularity of Lycanthia's live shows, along with their self-titled demo, established the band in the Australian Metal Underground. Their first full length album 'Myriad', saw them develop their musical style with greater maturity, creativity and originality.

Their next release, an EP titled 'Within The Walls', further cemented their place as pioneers of their genre. The song 'Lost' peaked at #11 on the 'triple j' Australian Metal Charts within the first week of release.

April 2012 marked the release of Lycanthia's full length album 'Oligarchy', in which they have sculpted their reactions to existence and the world into a musical expression of harsh, bleak reality. The album was quickly picked up by Green Media in Australia and is due to be re-released early 2013 through Hypnotic Dirge Records in digipak format.

The success of Lycanthia has continued to grow with regular radio airplay and live performances alongside local and international acts.
Their music can be described as dark, aggressive and emotional sound-scapes fused with classical and rock elements. Consisting of Grim Male and Dual Female Vocals, Violin, Keyboards, Guitars and Drums.

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Hi guys!!. Here we go again with another interesting interview to our dear friend and the first composer on female metal radio Alexey Soloviev.

- FEMALE METAL RADIO : Hi Alex!. Is always nice to talk with you again!.

- ALEXEY SOLOVIEV : Hi again!, as always, the pleasure is mine.

- FMR : Where you from , and how the proyect begins?

- AS :I'm from Siberian city Krasnoyarsk, and my project began in 2012 when I recorded my first "european song" with a beautiful and talented Swedish singer Elize Ryd (Amaranthe), the song is called "Along in the Universe". I really grateful to Elize for her great help, support, collaboration and friendship, she is amazing person, also I'm so grateful to my other friends-musicians for their great collaborations, friendship, support and help, such as: Nicoletta Rosellini (Kalidia), Iris Boanta (The Mystery; Souldrinker), Gaby Koss (ex-Haggard, Equillibrium, Therion and etc), Alessio Lucatti (Vision Divine), Mark Cross (Ex- Helloween, Firewind), Federico Solazzo, Alberto Rigoni (Solo Artist, Twinspirits), Elina Laivera (Seduce The Heaven), and many, many, many more great people around the globe who are working with me or who are supporting me...they all are brilliant musicians and great friends! And of course I'm so grateful to people who like my music, cuz their support is very imporant for me and they are great listeners and my source of inspiration and reason to live and to make my music

- FMR : That´s nice!. OK, What are some of your main influences as a band?

- AS : There are so many bands, musicians and composers who influenced me a lot, and everyday I try to discover something really new for me in all kinds of music...cuz I have no limits in music and in life too..so I'm always open for something really new and really cool, but the main influence always will be music of the genius composer Hans Zimmer and Nightwish!

- FMR : Hans Zimmer and Nightwish ( Tuomas Holopainen ) are simply one of the bests at composition. Good choice!.

 - FMR : How do you define exactly your band´s style?

- AS : I've been thing about it for a long time, but then I decided to try to combaine some beautiful cinematic music with metal music, so "Ascension" is cinematic metal project...or something like that...

- FMR : What is the thematic of your last work?, Please, Tell us a little bit of this.

- AS : I released my new song with great and beautiful and talented female singer Iris Boanta, the song is called "The Devil in us all" but it's not about the real devil..cuz the real devil is a total loser and I'm much bigger than him...ha ha...Iris did a great job, I love her voice so much, cuz it's so strong and beautiful and sexy...and she is awesome musician...Now I'm working with a lot of great musicians from different countries, for example I wrote a song for great musician from Chile Paula Viches (Denun, Arkaos) , this is gonna be my first song in Spanish and this is will be Paula's song...also I have a new experience in my musical life as a composer and songwriter so I'm working now with a talented hip hop singer from Italy Klaus Bundy, I wrote a song for him in hip hop, rap style...it's very interesting for me...cuz I have never did anything like this before...and if you know my music so you can be sure that even a rap song which was wrote by me will sound great...cuz I make no mistakes...ha ha and there some more great musicians to work with now .

- FMR : Do you think that your sound have somenthing new ?

- AS : I don't know...but some people are telling me that is a good and very interesting idea of mixing metal and cinematic music...so for me it's really something new

- FMR :What you think will happen with your music?

- AS : I'm working on my first debut album now..so when I will release my album we will see...what will happen with my music. But anyway it always will be awesome cuz I'm trying to do my best to make some great melodies and great songs as for my our album and as for different great musicians who wanna work with me .

- FMR :  What's your favourite album by another band?

- AS : thre are toooo many of them...but if we are talking about something really new..so it is a new album of Amaranthe "The Nexus" definately is a great album and full of great and energetic music...oh yes...and of course Wintersun "Time I" a real masterpiece...

- FMR : Amaranthe are working really well. So, Where can people go to get or listen your demo / album?

- AS : I have some page on the net...but my main page on facebook, youtube and soundcloud...
YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/user/AlexeySoloviev1
Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/alexeysolovievofficial

- FMR : Perfect Alex!. Thanks a lot for talking with us and wish to hear somenthing new from you soon.

- AS :  Of course!!. Thanks a lot for your work and support!. Stay in conctact!. 

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Hello girls and boys!!.

Today is a great day, cuase we have the pleasure to speak with Alejo Cardenas, guitarist and scream vocals from the Colombian - USA band based in Los Angeles INHERITOR.

- FEMALE METAL RADIO : Greetings Alejo and thanks a lot for be with us!


- ALEJO CARDENAS : Thank you very much!. It´s a pleasure!.

- FMR : Ok Alejo, where you from and how the proyect of INHERITOR begins?

- AC : I’m Colombian-american; I was born in Los Angeles CA but I was raised in Bogota Colombia….both of my parents are Colombian as well, and I’ve lived there most of my life; so you could say I’m Colombian at heart….Inheritor started out as a female fronted melodic metal band in Bogota, were we worked and played for a few years and were we produced and released our debut album “from Dust n Passion” in 2010…thins worked out very well, but after a while…it seemed that relocating in the US would be the best thing for the project when it came to “opportunities”….so that’s what happened….right now inheritor is an LA based metal band with a whole new American line up.

- FMR : What are some of your main influences as a band? 

- AC : Well, we all have a different taste in the music that we listen to, but of course we all have a strong metal background going from bands like opeth, at the gates, nightwish and cradle of filth, to classical music, blues and jazz etc.

- FMR : How do you define exactly your band´s style?

- AC : The band has always been qualified as a “melodic death” metal band with a lot of neo-classical and progressive influences….however, with the release of our upcoming album (wich hopefully will be very soon) inheritor will become a “Colombian-folk” metal band.

- FMR : What is the thematic of your last work?, Please, Tell us a little bit of this.


- AC : Well the main purpose of the upcoming album, is to rescue many musical and

traditional elements from the “Joropo” (one of Colombia’s folk-music genres) thru modern music; in this case it would be metal… The album will be called “mestizo” which means mongrel or half-breed…. and it can be considered a tribute to the regions near by the Orinoco river, where most of the traditions remain alive mostly thru oral tradition….most of the lyrics are also based on the ancient legends and/or mythology from the same region….so yes basically the idea is to preserve the roots and traditions from this lands.


- FMR : Do you think that your sound have somenthing new ?


- AC : Well, even though we are not 100% shure; I think the concept on wich the upcoming album is based, and the mix of elements mentioned in the last question has never been done before… highlighting the fact that we would not be just another metal band trying to sound like the “European-folk metal” bands (wich we respect and enjoy a lot) but we are more focused on folk traditions from our own countryes.


 - FMR : What you think will happen with your music?


- AC : Well, of course we want what every band wants…wed like to go on tour and play live in as many places as possible; so we are working hard and doing everything we can to see what happens, and…..I guess will have to find out.

- FMR : What's your favourite album by another band?

 - AC :My favorite album of all times is “the jester race” by in flames


- FMR : Where can people go to get or listen your demo / album?

- AC : Our debut album “from dust n passion” is available on itunes, amazon and other retailers but you can also look for some tracks on the bands youtube chanel……for the physical album people can just contact us on facebook; we can distribute it thru regular mail in Colombia, US and Germany.


- FMR : Please, what websites have the band for people to know you better ?

- AC : We can easily be found on facebook as “inheritor Colombia” we are also on reverbnation, last fm, here are some links:



and this is our youtube channel were you can also check out a mini studio diary for the upcoming album:



- FMR : Great!, this way will be more easy to found Inheritor in the web.


Ok Alejo, Thank you very much for be so kind with us and good luck for Inheritor and for "from dust n passion". Congratulations for your work!!.


- AC : Thank you guys, and congrats for you too for be helping and supporting all the bands. See you soon!!

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Genre: Melodic / Progressive Metal

City: Los Angeles

Country: Colombia / USA

Year of creation: 2009

Lyrical themes:  N/A

Current label : Unsigned / Independent

LINKS :    Facebook    Myspace 



Inheritor is a Colombian-American melodic metal band that was formed in Bogota D.C. on 2009. The project has always been a five-pieced female fronted group of musicians with strong neo-classical influences, combined with a touch of death, heavy and progressive metal.

In 2009 the band began to play live, and worked with Stormblaze Entertainment for a year; during this time the band was able to do a small tour where they shared the stage with big acts from the local Colombian metal scene like Gaias Pendulum, Soulburner, Loathsome Faith etc.

In 2010 the band released its debut album “From dust n Passion”; it had good local radio airplay and positive reviews in many countries like Finland, Peru, Spain etc. The album was recorded and produced by guitarist and founder of the project Alejandro Cardenas; and mastered by Carlos Silva at C1 Mastering in Bogota D.C. Some of the recording musicians that were part of the project from the beginning were Diego Duque (bass), Ivan Montenegro (guitar), Victoria Mejia (vocals) and Leonel Rojas (drums).

In 2011 the band launched its first video clip “A Fading Caress” and after going through some line up changes they finished working with “Stormblaze Entertainment” and signed with “Independent” for the rest of that year.

In 2012 Inheritor began the production of a new album and moved to Los Angeles, CA.

Now, after regrouping with some local musicians, Inheritor is about to finish the production of that second studio album; which will be coming out with a new lead singer, and a touch of “folk” Colombian roots added to the original sound!

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                                              AWAKEN SOLACE

Genre: Symphonic / Orchestral / Power  Metal


Country: Australia

Year of creation: 2010

Lyrical themes:  N/A

Current label : Unsigned / Independent

LINKS :    Facebook     Website 

Maree Nipperess - vocals

Robert Russell - Keyboards | Orchestra

Elspeth Johnson - guitar 

Rodrigo Prazeres - drums

Jimmy Barrett - vocals | bass

Awaken Solace is an Australian, female fronted symphonic metal band that combines a theatrical mix of orchestral power metal, medieval baroque and fantasy-style soundtracks. Full orchestral and choral arrangements compliment the band’s five piece line-up of vocals, bass, guitar, drums and keyboards; a concept that places them among a unique few in the Australian metal scene.

Since releasing their debut album ‘In Nightfall’s Embrace’ on 1 June 2012 (a release mixed and mastered by Caio Duarte, Broadband Productions, Brazil), Awaken Solace has received an extensive amount of international attention on the femme metal scene with reviews circulating from as far as the United Kingdom, United States, Japan, Brazil, Czech Republic and the Netherlands to name a few. The album has also received regular air play on digital radio in the UK, local community radio 4zzz and also featured on Triple J’s heavy music program ‘The Racket’.

The band hit the live stage in February 2012. By August, Awaken Solace was announced as the Brisbane support act for one of Europe’s most successful metal acts ‘Apocalyptica’, on their first ever Australian tour.

December saw the release of Awaken Solace’s first music video ‘The Passing’, a steampunk inspired professional production lead by Director Jake Brown & Producer Julian Pennisi of Blackline Media and award winning Cinematographer Dr. Dominic Muench of Blacksun Productions.

2013 has begun positively for Awaken Solace with a nomination in the MS (Metal Symphonique) Awards in the category of ‘Best Newcomer of the Year’. Throughout the year the band plans to write and record the next album and to tour further afield. 'In Nightfall's Embrace' is only the beginning of things to come.

The time of awakening is now...

To purchase your digipak copy of 'In Nightfall's Embrace' visit the official online store http://awakensolace.com/our-store.html or download Disc 1 from iTunes or Amazon.


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Genre: Gothic Metal


Country: Finland

Year of creation: 1999

Lyrical themes:  Gothic horror, Ghost stories

Current label : Carmina divina

LINKS :    Facebook     Website 

Ozzie Rissanen vocals

Marie Helsingfors - vocals

Kalle Vuorinen -  guitar and keyboards

Pasi Juvonen - guitar

Norman Bass - bass

Ville Matilainen - drums


4Order was founded in year 1999 by vocalist Ozzie Rissanen and drummer Randy G, with a vision to crossbreed industrial and power metal. Guitarist Kalle Vuorinen joined in, also composing music to Ozzie's lyrics. In summer 2003 mezzo soprano Marie Helsingfors, guitarist Pasi Juvonen and drummer Ville Matilainen joined the band, and 4Order started creating its own unique music-style. Bass player Norman Bass joined the band a year later, and since 2004 4Order creates its music by the band members present. The debut album The Journal was released in 2006, and single Angry spirits 2007. In summer 2009 4Order jumped to position #17 on the official Finnish download chart. New tunes will soon be published! 

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Genre: Symphonic Metal


Country: Switzerland

Year of creation: 2008

Lyrical themes:  N/A

Current label : Unsigned / Independent

 LINKS :    Facebook     Website 

Claire-Lyse von Dach: voice, lyrics

Valery Veings: guitars

Lionel Blanc: claviers - violon

Thibaut Jehanno: bass

Greg Turini: drums


Elferya is a symphonic metal band, formed in 2008, in suisse romande. above all, it is a band of five friends, all talented musicians, coming from different backgrounds and formations, gathered around the same passion.
after a year, the band records « afterlife », an eP with 4 tracks recorded with small means. the eP is a great success, being sold both in switzerland and abroad, making the world discover the lyrical voice of the lead vocalist, claire-lyse von dach. the reactions arrived soon to the net with rave reviews. in july 2012, one of the band’s videos has been viewed more than 80,000 times on youtube.
but it is on concert that the band’s potential is finally confirmed with a stage presence allowing to rub big headliners and play in several countries. the band is formed by a drummer, a guitarist, a bassist, a keyboardist and a singer.
Many classical musicians appear as guests for some concerts. in 2011, the band began recording their debut album which will be released in late 2012. this very ambitious album will include new versions of the songs of « afterlife », and new compositions recorded with may additionnal musi- cians playing instruments such as violin, the flute, and even choirs.

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